Unified Communications FAQ | Telcentric Corp


What is WorldSmart?

Is WorldSmart the only on-demand unified communications service?

What are the key benefits of using WorldSmart?

How is WorldSmart priced?

Does WorldSmart have an unlimited calling plan?

Can I keep my local numbers if I switch my phone service to Telcentric?

What are the advantages of WorldSmart over the traditional on-premise approaches?

How can I sign up for WorldSmart services?

How quick I can get WorldSmart services turned on?

How do I know if my network is capable of supporting WorldSmart?

How does the auto provisioning service work?

What happens if I want to add, move or change voice lines?

Who provides the IP phones?

Can I use WorldSmart if I have offices in other states or overseas?

Can I see a demo of some of these applications?