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IP Direct

IP Direct – High Speed Internet Access

Telcentric’s IP Direct Internet Access is an end-to-end service that provides telecommunications carriers, ISPs and corporate network service providers with direct, high-speed Internet backbone access in terrestrially underserved locations. Empowered by our technology, its reach, flexibility and rapid deployment allow you to reduce your infrastructure investment and focus more of your resources on expanding your customer base.

Choose the right option for your needs:

Quality your customers can rely on:

Providing you with seamless, guaranteed, dedicated termination into the Internet backbone, IP Direct Internet Access allows you to deliver a first-class user experience that your customers will appreciate.

Convenient one stop shopping

With Telcentric you get the convenience - and the favorable economics - of true "one stop shopping" for all your infrastructure needs. From the initial network design, to equipment integration and installation we take care of all your implementation needs.

Matchless Flexibility

Because of our technology, we can offer multiple Internet bandwidth options to better fit your growing needs. Telcentric can support thin- to large-size bandwidth requirements as well as enable you to support applications such as VoIP and VPN.

Speed to market

With access to multiple advance satellites, like Intelsat’s highly reliable in-orbit and terrestrial connectivity infrastructure, our service provides everything you need to quickly reach customers in developed or traditionally underserved areas. Enabling you to focus your time and resources on building your business.

Sample IP Direct Network Configuration:



IP Direct – IPL (International Private Line)

A fast and affordable way to connect remote offices to the Internet and your private enterprise and government networks. Now locations previously unreachable or too expensive to connect at high-speed broadband rates can be served quickly and cost-effectively. Flexible equipment options are available with IP Direct service to meet all your business and government needs.

International Private Line (IPL) Service is a dedicated, point-to-point, global service that enables telecom carriers, corporate service providers and international organizations to increase the reach of their existing networks by accessing major tele-houses around the world – instantly and securely. Enabled by our powerful infrastructure, IPL can help you deliver a world of communications solutions to your customers, with minimal up-front investment.

Optimized financial resources

IPL allows you to avoid expensive and time consuming network build-out by accessing major carrier and video inter-exchange points around the world from our strategically located teleports and points of presence.

Convenient one-stop-shopping

With IPL, we've done the complicated work of sourcing the highest quality infrastructure for your traffic. By bundling our best-of-breed satellite assets and ground infrastructure into one solution, you get the convenience – and the favorable economics – of true single-source “one-stop-shopping.”

Flexible bandwidth and cross-connect options

IPL accommodates all your potential communications needs by offering a full range of bandwidth options, from thin- to medium-size routes up to multiple DS3/E3 requirements.

IPL is ideal for data-intensive applications such as:

International Private Line Diagram:


IP Direct – CBN (Cellular Backhaul Network)

Want wider coverage for your wireless services? If you're operating in areas where terrestrial capacity is unavailable, unreliable, too costly or simply not suitable for expansion, Telcentric has a solution. Now, you can bypass terrestrial network limitations and expand your wireless network with Telcentric Cellular Backhaul service. Flexible, scalable and highly reliable, our solution allows you to expand your coverage and reach more customers.

Whatever cellular-based service your customers use today — from domestic and international voice communications, to prepaid accounts, voicemail access, roaming, wireless data, e-mail and Internet access — Telcentric Cellular Backhaul offering supports it, regardless of the protocol used on your network.

With Cellular Backhaul, we can help extend your network to offer better service, support new applications and reach out to new customers with a tailored wireless solution.


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