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IP Connectivity

Telcentric Integrated IP Connectivity:
More and more businesses are beginning to rely on the incredible advantages of the Internet for critical day-to-day operations. Fast, reliable, and secure, our Internet Service options are a comprehensive internet solution that can grow according to the needs of any business. 

Increase efficiency with a fast, dedicated connection - 24/7
With flexible access speeds, businesses can choose a faster connection to help increase efficiency and reduce costs. And, because it's a dedicated connection, you are in control of your bandwidth at all times to ensure effectiveness and reliability

A connection to the largest, most reliable network in the world
Our Managed Internet service uses Tier-1 OC48/OC192 IP Backbones which provides alternate routes between backbone nodes for enhanced service reliability. This enables immediate routing around outages for almost instantaneous service restoration. 

First-class customer support
We proactively monitor internet access, so we know if a problem arises first. We also provide and maintain full management and operational control of equipment, significantly lessening the burden of network management. And, customers can rest assured knowing that we can supply enhanced security features to keep systems safe.

MPLS Connect:
For the Ultime Connection to support Worldsmart’s Unified Communicatioin Services we offer: MPLSconnect a dedicated service that delivers Guaranteed QOS through ANY MPLS Provider.
Advanced benefits include:

If your business has multiple locations and you need the highest level of quality of service (QOS), Telcentric has a solution for you. In another industry leading action, Telcentric offers guaranteed QOS through a dedicated connection to its service through a managed MPLS port which can be connected to ANY MPLS service provider the customer selects. For those customers that want the highest level of guaranteed service, Telcentric's MPLSconnect delivers the most cost effective and reliable solution in the industry. With MPLSconnect, Telcentric delivers a guaranteed level of bandwidth and QOS so that the customer's services are protected.
With MPLSconnect, you can choose your own MPLS provider and get a managed connection to Telcentric

By supporting existing MPLS service providers, Telcentric provides the most cost effective and reliable options to the customer. Other hosted providers may require a customer use only their MPLS circuits. This has two significant disadvantages. First, customers cannot take advantage of free market dynamics to select the most cost effective solution. Secondly, there are limited to no disaster recovery options would the link go down. Either a customer has to install two proprietary MPLS circuits which is prohibitively expensive or the customer lives with no recovery plan. With Telcentric's MPLSconnect, a customer can use a cost effective standard internet connection as a fall back disaster recovery option, a much more cost effective option.

If you have multi-locations and want the highest level of guaranteed bandwidth and QOS at the most cost effective price with complete disaster recovery options, find out more about Telcentric's MPLSconnect service today!

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