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Network Infrastructure

Telcentric’s Satellite Network Infrastructure is a result of years of careful planning and experience in Satellite Network Services. Telcentric has invested in a robust Network Infrastructure to ensure our clients have access to the latest generation of Satellite IP technology. Our fully redundant network is built and designed from the ground up with the latest technologies to provide reliable and secure 24/7 availability.

Telcentric’s Satellite IP Network Access points are strategically located around the world to ensure one hop direct Tier-1 Internet Access for all. This provides an unlimited "virtual highway" for our customer's data, voice or video to travel securely and unhindered to its final destination - all at the speed of light.

With world-class redundancy solutions in place, Multi-Tier-1 IP Cisco VXR Redundancy solutions and 24/7 monitoring our clients experience maximum uptime and know they are supported and securely protected from unforeseen service interruptions. Each Satellite Network Access Point offers a fully manned Network Operations Center (NOC) to offer our clients the support they need 24 hours a day.

Telcentric’s Unified Communications Platform is supported by world-class datacenters to support and deploy its Unified Communications SaaS services. The state of the art facilities include around the clock security, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and generator power backup and environmental controls (for temperature and humidity). All services are run on high performance state of the art Linux blade servers that are monitored 24/7/365. Each Telcentric datacenter is "carrier neutral" and has support for multiple telecom carriers, providing redundancy and failover capability, ensuring the highest level of uptime for customers. With our high reliable SaaS datacenters, Telcentric can deliver the highest quality service regardless of size or location of customer.

Redundant components guarantee service delivery even if a component fails

Telcentric’s platform is connected to the network by at least two physically separate building entrances. This provides for the greatest protection from network outages caused by events such as fiber cuts that could disable one of the fiber links into the gateway. In addition to route diversity, Telcentric ensures network access with redundant and duplicate equipment including routers, switches and other various network components. Redundancy is engineered in the network architecture to ensure continued service in the event of a network failure.

Service Level Guarantees – Industry Leading 99.99% Uptime

Telcentric backs all of its services with the industry’s best Service Level Agreement (SLA). Telcentric’s SLA covers both voice services (99.99% uptime guarantee) and non-voice services (99% uptime guarantee) so that a customer can rest assured that their services will remain up and available to them at all times. This allows businesses to focus on customers and revenue instead of operations.

Telcentric’s SLA guarantee

Real Time Operations Statistics

As a leading edge commitment to our current and prospective customers and Telcentric’s commitment to delivering the most reliable experience for unified SaaS can be seen in our real-time Customer Reliability Index (CRI). This index measures the reliability of our datacenters, our services within the datacenters and our carrier interconnects. The index also takes into account the number of customers that are impacted by a particular outage. For example if a certain carrier route fails and only 10% of the customers are effected at the time, the CRI would be calculate as the overall reliability of all the components times the percentage of the customers impacted (10%). Telcentric has maintained over 99.99% CRI reliability for 2008.

Managing and Maintaining Unified SaaS

An integral part of Telcentric’s datacenters is the ability to monitor all services, connections and customer sessions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pre-defined trigger levels alert Telcentric if something in the system exceeds a warning level. Should something happen to a particular session, Telcentric engineers are alerted and can immediately start an assessment process to determine the root cause and take corrective action.

PanTerra Monitors every session 24/7/365

Future-Proof SaaS Architecture

Different from any other communications service provider, WorldSmart is a uniquely designed SIP based suite of SaaS services that was architected from the beginning with the future in mind. The platform was developed by Telcentric, allowing complete design control and better customer responsiveness and agility than other service providers who typically rely on third party vendors.

Telcentric’s future-proof architecture protects you from obsolescence

At the Core: Multi-service Protocol Neutral Transport

At the core of Telcentric’s future-proof architecture is its Multi-service Protocol Neutral Transport (MPNT). Instead of developing all its services on top of a single service, Telcentric developed a robust, high performance scalable "communications highway" that supports all types of communications protocols including protocols specifically designed for digital voice (like SIP), video (like H.264), messaging and collaboration. By architecting a protocol neutral transport mechanism, Telcentric ensures that future services can be added without compromise or restrictions.

At the core: Telcentric’s Multi-service Protocol Neutral Transport (MPNT)

This is a key difference between Telcentric’s solution and others. Most competitors started with a single monolithic service (like a softswitch) and then tried to add other services on top of that service. This doesn't scale for the following reasons:

In summary, Telcentric has designed its platform to support multiple services and multiple protocols in a scalable, robust, fault tolerant and high performance manner so that we can deliver our SaaS services to you with the quality you expect.