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Enterprise Edition

  • » Own your own system - buy or lease
  • » Server-based, easy to install and manage
  • » Use any phone service provider
  • » Works with or without Internet
  • » Web Panel / Unified Communications (HUD)
  • » Ideal for 5-500+ employees
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Includes HUD Team
Fonality Unified Agent Edition


Auto Attendant
FindMe w/ Boomerang
Ring your preset numbers simultaneously, in succession, or according to a schedule. With Boomerang Mobile Integration, instantly redirect the call back to your desk or any other extension.

Call screening
Talk to who you want, when you want. Enable FindMe on your extension and a voice prompt will ask for the caller’s name giving you the option to accept the incoming call.

Conference Bridges
Don’t pay extra for conferencing. Fonality comes preconfigured with conference bridges that support as many participants as you have phone lines.

Paging & Intercom Zones
Page or intercom the entire company, specific individuals or customized groups/departments through your phone system. Eliminates the need for an external paging or intercom system.

Easily place extensions into groups or departments and assign permissions based on those groups.