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Satellite Basics

1. Benefits of satellite communications

A. How do satellites deliver vital communications around the world?

Because of their universal and multi-point nature, satellite-based solutions can provide a flexible and cost-effective answer to support:

In every case, Telcentric solutions provide for the delivery of vital information, news, sports and entertainment to every corner of the globe, no matter how remote.

B: What are the key benefits of satellites?

Satellite communications have distinct benefits over terrestrial alternatives:

2. How satellite communications work

Network topologies

Depending on the application, satellites can be used with different ground network designs or network topologies. At its simplest, satellite can support one-direction or two-direction links between two earth stations (called respectively simplex transmission and duplex transmission). More complex communications needs can also be addressed with more sophisticated network topologies, such as star and mesh.

The following examples show some of the options available to customers for configuring their satellite networks:

Simplex Transmission

Applications for simplex services include broadcast transmissions such as:

Point-to-Point Duplex Transmission

Applications for duplex services include:

Point-to-Multipoint Transmission

(May be simplex or duplex, symmetric or asymmetric).

Applications for point-to-multipoint services include:

Mobile Antenna Service

Applications for mobile antenna services include:

Star Network

Applications for Star Networks include:

Mesh Network

3. Key factors in considering a satellite solution

Every satellite network is unique and the right choice depends on three key factors:

Telcentric can assist you in determining the best possible customized answer for your organization's networking and communications needs.

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