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Service Implementation

Implementation of Telcentric services is fast, simple and driven by your implementation schedule—not by terrestrial build-out limitations. And bandwidth upgrading is easy. Simply place a call to our service personnel, and bandwidth can be increased quickly and easily.

All modern communications solutions, be they for one or for several sites, are based on digital transmission channels.  Employing the best satellite communications hardware platforms, we develop distinct solutions to meet your specific requirements. In doing this, we first get to know your company and your communications objectives. During detailed consultations, we draw up an analysis of your requirements and design the appropriate network based on both your current conditions and planned future growth. As a full service provider, we not only offer communications solutions, but we also provide a variety of other Value Added Services.

We provide Turn Key implementation solutions in concert with our many local partners worldwide. These services include amongst others:

Telcentric engineering field services include both Teleport-based and highly qualified local in-country partners. Together, we first define the ground station equipment, ensuring that both your current and future requirements are carefully considered. Then, once you’ve decided to go forward, we carry out the installation, train your staff, and provide continuous around the clock Help Desk and local support.

Telcentric satellite systems engineers skillfully configure the complete ground station, including the antenna system and all equipment to support your applications.  Whether you need satellite antennas, modems, low, medium or high power transceivers, routing and IP acceleration equipment, or other state of the art satellite equipment, Telcentric serves as your one source provider.  

As part of the installation, a complete site survey is carried out at each earth station location. This crucial planning includes radio frequency interference studies and installation specifications for any required civil works. Once the site is readied, Interlink engineers, in accordance with rigorous international acceptance standards, install all equipment and ensure the success of final commissioning tests.

At our technology centers, we ensure the quality and performance of equipment and data transmissions.  In today’s quickly changing world, the demands placed on modern telecommunications services are continually increasing. Therefore, at Telcentric, we provide our customers not only with tailor-made applications, but also with timely information about innovative products and services. Our specialists know the latest technologies and ensure that our products are always state-of-the-art.

At Telcentric we are committed to working in partnership with our customers to provide superior and high reliable services that will enable their businesses to grow and prosper.

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