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Fonality Unified Agent Edition


Integrated Call History and Recordings
All calls to CRM customers are automatically attached to individual contact or opportunities inside your CRM. Record a call, and have that recording automatically attached to the appropriate CRM record.

Improved Screen Pops
Get customer information before you need it. By the time you answer an incoming call, UAE will auto-launch all matching CRM records.

Deal Size Alert
Without launching your web browser, you can easily know who’s calling before you answer. See their company name, and the size ($) of the opportunity.

Lead Management Reporting
Don’t lose business with aging leads. Pre-configured reports can instantly tell you how well your business is responding to new leads or identify leads being neglected.

Account Owner Routing
Customers/prospects are routed to their account owner every time. No more holding and transferring sales or support calls to the proper agent.

Click to Call
Call any number listed in your CRM with a simple click of the mouse. PBXtra will automatically dial, connect the call, and log that call in the CRM system.

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